Everyone has a different temperature they like to be comfortable at during the summer or the winter. There really is not a set expectation as to where to set the thermostat and where not to. You will find the Government as well as energy companies do have some guidelines as to where you should keep the temperature of your thermostat in the Sacramento area.

Some of the thermostat setting or temperature comes from your comfort and the other part of the equation is the overall cost of energy to pay for your comfort. Your comfort is subjective more than a science so there is no perfect setting for you that you can look for.

Use the programable thermostat

One of the ways you can regulate the temperature in your home is through the use of a programmable thermostat. You can have the setting to be one temperature when you are at home and one setting while you are gone.

One of the newer innovations is that of a smart thermostat and you can control and modify the temperature from a computer, tablet or cell phone. A smart thermostat can be one way to maximize the use of your air conditioner and when you use it.

Heating and air technicians are not relationship counselors

The question comes up frequently to heating and air conditioning technicians. As to what the thermostat should be set at. Some homeowners put the technician in a bad position in order to solve the argument. Please remember your technician is not a relationship counselor and will let you know the settings really depend upon your comfort and the desired electrical bill you may receive at the end of the month from your local utility company. The best setting for you comes from your overall budget as well as the temperature that keeps you comfortable.

Energy Savings settings for your thermostat in Sacramento

The local utility company say that the best setting for your thermostat is 78 degrees. Some agencies will tell you that savings of abut 5-10 percent can be found for every 2 degrees the temperature is increased. The increase in the temperature may decrease your comfort level for you home.

For some homeowners 78 degrees is not nearly cool enough so the temperature is lowered. Occasionally some homeowners with fixed incomes cant even use 78 degrees as the setting so they settle on a higher temperature near 80 or 82 degrees.

Change your filter frequently

If you want to get the most out of your energy savings you will want to make sure you change your filter often. Some filters were designed to last 30 days while others can get 90 days out of them. A dirty air filter blocks air flow and restricts you system increasing the wear and tear.

A clean filter allows your system to breathe properly and get the most out of the effort. As a reminder whatever gets past your filter ends up inside your system and then end up inside your home. You end up breathing the dirt and the dust that is not filtered.

Regular maintenance for your air conditioner is suggested in Sacramento

One of the most overlooked items homeowners have is their air conditioner. If your air conditioner has not been serviced recently you may want to take a look at having a maintenance performed. A full service and cleaning doesn’t just save energy it also allows a technician to catch 90% of issues before they happen. As a good reminder an air conditioner never breaks down when it is convenient, your break down will happen when you need it the most.

If you are concerned about your energy bills when you use your air conditioner we would love to take care of you and help you out. Its really easy to set up a maintenance and have your air conditioner or your furnace checked out just Call 916-714-1143. You can let one of the friendly representatives know you would like to have your system checked out. 

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