When your home was built the chances are good that your air conditioner was put in the most inconvenient spot possible. One of the reasons your air conditioner may be in bad spot is because it may have been the easiest for the builder with the least expanse possible to them. You may have use of the back patio or have a pool being put in and want to know if you can move your air conditioner or your heat pump.

Older systems can be noisy and in the worst spot possible when it comes to landscaping or entertaining friends in the back yard.

Are there requirements to moving an air conditioner?

In some areas in Sacramento you can move the air conditioner to the side of your home as long as there is room to get on the side of it an walk around it. Some areas an jurisdictions will only allow your air conditioner to be moves if there is enough distance form your home to the property line. In some instances the move is only allowed if there is enough room and if the air conditioner does not make a certain level of noise. There is not one definite answer to this question. The right answer comes from the town, city or the county you live in.

If you live in a development where there is a homeowners association (HOA) there may be some rules specific to the place you live as well as the local code that have to be followed.

What needs to be done to move an air conditioner

You may find the movement of an air conditioner is not always as easy as you may think it will be. There is a list of technical items you must be aware of.

  • Your air conditioner must be pumped down and the refrigerant captured
  • The refrigerant lines must be extended or replaced to the new location
  • The high voltage electrical lines must be extended or relocated to the new location as well as an electrical disconnect box with fuses
  • The low voltage line or the thermostat line must be moved or extended to the new system
  • A concreate pad must be poured or a pre formed pad must be put in a level location where the refrigerant lines and the electrical has been moved to
  • The area must be large enough to accommodate the move of condenser or the heat pump

Can my air conditioner be relocated to my roof in Sacramento?

In some areas in Sacramento it is common to find the air conditioner or the heat pump on the roof. The same requirements are in place as moving the air conditioner to the side of your home plus a few more:

  • The high voltage electrical, low voltage and reference line must be moved to the roof.
  • A stand must be added to the roof structure
  • A crane would be called to move the unit to the roof. These systems can range in weight from 200 – 300 pounds
  • In some counties and jurisdictions there may be sight line requirements meaning the system cant be seen from the street. In Sacramento there are some design review areas where moving the system to the roof is not allowed

Will heating and air companies move my air conditioner for me?

Some companies will only move the air conditioner if they are replacing the entire system. If it is the middle of summer it may be difficult to find someone who has the time to make the move for you.

A reputable company will make sure they follow the rules. This means a permit may need to be pulled or an inspector show up to follow the distance and noise requirements are followed. In some instances a title 24 inspection may need to be called for as well.

If you have a system that needs to be replaced and located we would love to take care of you and answer your questions. At this time we do not relocate air conditioners unless a new system is being installed. We will abide by the rules of your city or county. If you have questions about replacing your heating and air system please Call 916-714-1143. We can set up a convenient time to discuss replacing your heating and air system and the possible relocation of your air conditioner. 

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