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Our Guarantees

Trusted HVAC System Installation Across The Sacramento Valley.

Heating & Air Conditioning Replacement Guarantees

Love and Care HVAC Guarantees

$500 Guarantee

If your furnace or air conditioner does not properly heat or cool your home in the first two years after we install it, then we will repair it FREE including labor and materials. If we can’t get it fixed in 24 hours, then we will give you a check for $500 (excluding weekends and holidays when parts might not be available).

100% Buy Back Guarantee

If during the first 12 months you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your equipment that we have designed and installed, we will act to rectify your problem. If the equipment is not performing to manufacturers standards (certified by manufacturer’s representative) then we will remove it and refund 100% of your money (applies to full system installs only—furnace, evaporator coil, and condenser—installed on the same date).

Comfort Guarantee

If the equipment we install does not heat or cool the home to the comfort level we describe in the consultation process, then we will replace the system at no charge.

Installation and Workmanship Guarantee

We take great pride in the level of detail we take installing your equipment, making sure that no shortcuts are taken, only the highest quality materials and components are used, and that we clean up the job site every day like it was our own house.

Property Protection Guarantee

We promise not to damage your property while we are working at your home. If damage does occur, we will repair that damage at no charge to you.

No Lemon Guarantee

Air conditioner compressors failing twice in the first five years triggers the Lemon rule, and heat exchangers failing once in the first five years trigger the Lemon rule. Either way, that portion of the equipment will be replaced.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee that you will not find a lower price for an apples-to-apples equipment installation package from a comparable licensed and insured HVAC company.