When you purchase a new heating and air conditioning system for you home you may have questions about what is included with the install. These are important questions to ask so you know exactly what you are receiving and what is not being done for you. A real company is going to have proper documentation for you. This means they will have contracts and or agreements with company letter head as well as information about the California License on the paperwork.

The contract and agreement

You should have a defined scope of work that explains exactly what is going to be performed, some companies have check boxes for the work and others will write a description. You should know exactly what you are getting for your investment.

Some companies have programs where this information is typed up and some will write everything down for you.

Since you are buying a product in California there must also be a 3 day right of rescission filled out.

You should be given copies of all of your paperwork once you authorize the work to be performed.

The legal requirements for a new heating and air system

Since you live in California you are required to have a permit filed before any work is performed. Ever city, county and jurisdictions have different rules on how the permits have to be ordered or displayed. A reputable company will require a permit for the installation to be performed. If a company offers a discount for not having a permit for the installation it is a sign you are talking to the wrong person or company.

When a new system is installed you must also have Title 24 documentation. This Title 24 test covers the leakage of the ductwork as well as the refrigerant charge.

A company that performs work on your property must also have all of the valid insurances like workers compensation, liability coverage as well as a bond.

Warranties and guarantees

There are warranties that are included from the manufacture and then covered from the company performing the install. A verbal warranty is not strong enough and may not be considered valid. The guaranty or the warranty should be spelled out so that you understand exactly what to expect. Vague information does not help you out as a consumer. You want definite information when it comes to warranties and guarantees. You will see some companies follow the “me also” format when they just write in the guarantee on their paperwork without any other information. Strong warranties and guarantees are meant to protect you as a consumer.

Standard parts and pieces to be installed by Love and Care Heating and Air

There really is not a standard that all companies live by when replacing a heating and air conditioning system in the Sacramento area. Some companies will install the bare minimum to get the system up and running and this does not help you in the long run.

With any installation you will receive:

  • A city or county permit
  • A title 24 test and certificate
  • A new thermostat
  • A new electrical disconnect at the heat pump or the air conditioner
  • A new pre-formed foundation pad
  • Removal of your old equipment
  • Recycling of your refrigerant

What may need to be changed besides the standard changes?

Since a permit is required for your installation your home must be brought up to code or requirements for the standards set forth today.

  • In some instance the electrical needs to be updated to a larger circuit or your new system.
  • You may find that there are times where the refrigerant line needs to be replaced due to size or materials
  • The return air intake is too small in nearly every install prior to 2011 and in some cases systems that were installed in the last few years.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors may need to be added to bring your home up to code as well

There are quite a few other items included with a new system, what is important to understand these changes will be explained to you in your home.

If you are in the market for a new heating and air system in the Sacramento area we would love to take care of you and your home. Its really easy to find out what it will take to replace your current system as well as the requirements for your home just Call 916-714-1143 and we will set you up with a convenient appointment. 

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