One of the most common questions homeowner ask about a furnace or an air conditioner centers around the longevity of a system. How long does an air condition or how long does a furnace last is an important question. Some of the life of a system is up to you and some of this answer is up to the manufacturer and the parts they put in the system.

Most systems today are designed to last 12 – 15 years and sometimes you can get 20 years with proper maintenance. Can your system last longer than roughly 20 years? The answer is yes they can but there is an asterisk next to that statement. You may end up starting to buy a new system without getting the benefits.

When you decide to go down the path of making multiple repairs on an older system you may be investing money in parts that you could have invested in a new system. This is a common mistake homeowners make because they feel trapped after investing in parts and repair so they cycle never ends. Repairs over time can become costly and frequent.

The perfect storm happens when you have an older system, a long list of repairs and an older system that is no longer efficient. These two issues combined are costly.

Most systems that were installed in tract homes or sub divisions were not very good to begin with because they were “slapped in” as fast as possible. Some builders did go the extra mile with the equipment installed and some did install systems that leave much to be desired. The reason why this is important to know is you can go down the path of making repairs and sink money in a sinking ship.

Repairs may be more costly than…

You can end up rebuilding a heating and air system one piece at a time and just end up with a costly heart ache. This route of action is not really optimal for the long run.

In rare instances some manufactures stop making parts and pieces for equipment 15-20 years after the last manufacture date. In some instances some of the manufactures stop producing parts earlier than the 15 years.

Most older systems are energy inefficient and between the cost of running and making repairs you really are investing in a new one without getting the service of a new one.

Items like changing or cleaning your filter can lead to a longer life as well as making sure your system is properly maintenance.

If your heating and air system has been neglected you may end up losing precious life and energy efficiency.

What to do if you have multiple repairs

If you are questioning what type of life is left in your system one of the best things you can do is have a maintenance performed to see what state your system is in. This maintenance can help determine if there are parts or pieces that need to be replaced as well as help to determine who energy efficient or energy inefficient your system is working at the time.

It is really easy to set up a time for a technician to come out and look at your furnace or your air conditioner. We would love to be able to let you know where you stand and take the time to care for your system. If you think it may be time for replacement a comfort advisor will be able to help you navigate what system will work best for you and your home.

Just pick up the phone and Call 916-714-1143 and we will get someone to your home to answer your questions and help you out. 

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